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STAGE 5 - First Visit to Buenos Aires


Mark at Recoleta Cemetery
January 2007


Mark travelled to Argentina in early 2007 to further his studies of Spanish, paint and learn a new culture. He was on his own this time and made the choice to live in an apartment he rented in Palermo, Buenos Aires. He decided to pursue his adventure with no expectations so as to be fully open to the experiences that might come his way. He was in for a little surprise.

He made new acquaintances, among them, Maria, who was his teacher of Spanish at the time and later became a close friend of his and has remained so for the past four years. She helped him get to know the city better and gave him a little insight into the history of Buenos Aires and the character of its inhabitants.

So where did the surprise lie? Mark himself tells us:

" I packed fifteen small pieces of metal to be used as canvases for my paintings with the hope of completing all of them. I wanted the city, which has so much colourful history, to speak to me in its own special way to inspire me to paint something amazing."

He was not dissapointed. Within the first week he was overwhelmed by one of the most visually and spiritually stunning places of Buenos Aires, the well-known Recoleta Cemetery. He not only painted the fifteen pieces but he also took some fantastic photographs.

He remembers that the month he spent there gave him more of an immediacy to produce art and to live life to its fullest.

"This is a city recovering from a horrible economic crisis and these people know how to pull it together and continue on living despite all of their hardships. They are gracious, beautiful, and live life to its fullest. I highly recommend the journey to experience your own adventure."

Mark couldn´t guess at that time that in four years he would be returning to the city and that the Queen of the River Plate had more experiences in store for him to enjoy.



Seven Queers of Bad Luck
When Mark returned to Seattle, he continued to pursue his art but was also given the chance to prove his acting skills when he was invited to participate in a hilarious silent movie. The movie was intended to enter the 13th Annual Seattle Lesbian Gay Film Festival. The theme, "Superstition", was given to ten film makers.

Mark remembers his participation:

" We were given the theme, a camera and a couple of weeks to make this film that we couldn´t edit. Thank goodness for a talented cast!

By the way, Mark is "the villain", later nicknamed "Mr Barnaby" by his friend Maria. He is the guy in black clothes and top hat carrying a cane. Used to wearing costumes and doing his own make-up for Halloween, he accomplished a fearsome villain.

The hero/heroine of the silent movie is Mark´s friend, Andrew.

Superstition: A Broken Mirror!



Mark & friend Kobalt at Halloween
Waxy-candy style


Mark at Halloween
Striped style


Mark at Halloween
Polka-dot style


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