Sunday, February 27, 2011

THE TOUR - Stage 3 - The Big Move


Moving to Seattle, Washington in 1995 was an important step in search of more opportunities. Mark worked in visual merchandising for several years with Nordstrom until he branched off into his own freelance business and put more focus on the fine art. Keeping the creative spirit diverse, he produced a line of edgy shirts under the label of B-ware! and sold in Seattle area stores.

Shortly after moving, Mark met his partner, Michael Hytinen, who has been an incredible support and inspiration in his life and art.

Mark & partner Michael Hytinen on vacation


He remembers that before meeting Michael, he had some kind of premonitory dream in which he met a mysterious guy that looked like a Russian nobleman. A little while later, Mark embellished a great door with Michael´s look in the dream. Fantastic!


Michael & Dogs
by Mark O´Connell


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