Saturday, February 26, 2011


Barcelona in the Fall
Mark at the Cathedral of Barcelona
October 2002


When the above photograph was taken, the artist Mark O´Connell probably didn´t have any idea he was one day going to pursue graffiti. It was a moment in his life when he decided to continue exploring the Old World that he had visited before, to keep on learning about its diverse cultures and incredible art, but at that time he decided to focus on a city that he was drawn to for many reasons: Barcelona.

He remembers all his trips abroad that he continues making. " These travels have exposed me to this day to the best art in the world. I enjoy both the traditional classic art as well as the super modern. I have learnt to appreciate what I don´t understand and be influenced in positive, spiritual and emotional ways by the art I have seen. I can honestly say that some of the most emotionally moving moments in my life have been from experiencing art in my travels."

With great emotion, he also looks back on that first visit to Barcelona and the effect that both the city and its art, particularly the work of major artist Salvador Dali, had on him. "Dali has been the most influential artist in my life. When I was first exposed to him in school, he didn´t inspire me. It was my first visit to Barcelona that started it all. I saw Dali´s house and studio in Figueras, where Dali was born and raised. The museum was like stepping into his mind and I welcomed all of it. Ever since, I have felt that Dali has spoken through me, inspired me, and awakened my spirit. My art has been highly influenced to the more surreal and mysterious."

But many have been the influences on Mark´s spirit, personality and art, and maybe by taking a little look at the history of his still young and fruitful life, we can begin to understand how each new step he has taken in his art career is the result of a natural reaction to what he has been exposed to. Echoing some of the words of a great song by The Beatles, shall we roll up for this magical, mystery tour?

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