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THE TOUR - Stage 2 - Early Travels & Studies


So off Mark went to Japan first, in 1982, for two months, and then to Australia, where he spent the whole of 1983. The exposure to different cultures, and the reality of how different the world outside of Alaska was, became the inspiration needed to mature quickly as a person and focus his creativity.

He began college at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington leading to the American College in London, U.K., and then earning a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration in 1989 at the Pacific Northwext College of Art in Portland, Oregon.

For sources, please go to (Western Washington University) and (Pacific Norhwest College of Art).

Why choosing graphic design? He remembers:"It was a choice partly because it seemed practical as a career, but I was also fascinated with typography and the more technical side of art. I also liked advertising and the combination of words and images."

Looking at some of his portraits, we can see the influence of graphics and particularly, typography.

by Mark O´Connell


The Dreamer
by Mark O´Connell


by Mark O´Connell


Love for the commercial art world soon faded with the appearance of computers which took over the field. Mark focused on the pursuit of more hands-on creativity. He designed and produced decorative home products and hand-painted clothing for retail stores which was a constant for many years.

In 1993, he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico for two years. The stay in the high desert proved advantageous as the focus of creativity moved towards fine art. He agrees with this when he remembers:

" Santa Fe has a very large art community and the wonderful light and sun help enormously. Also, in Santa Fe I lived and shared a studio with another artist. This was an important turn in my life." 


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